We’re making more feel-good moments.

Liq brands believe that bold taste & experience can be built through choiceful ingredients. It’s those simple, joyous moments with our pets that make such a meaningful impact on our lives. Those moments shouldn’t come at a cost to their health & your happiness. With Liq brands, you’ll never have to sacrifice fun in place of health. We’re committed to creating highly engaging, entertaining & consciously crafted products. Bring on the happy!

Who we are?

We’re pet people, shaking things up with fresh, fun flavors and new ways to love on your dog as much as you want, guilt free.


The idea for a liquid treat was born from Lily, an animal rescue advocate. She launched Liq in early 2020, with a line of products focused on meat-free flavors. Her passion for animal advocacy inspires our brands still today, with new and unexpected flavors and products both pets & people love.

A black and white dog shakes for a man holding a dog treat


Learning new tricks can take some time. And that means lots of treats. With Liq, you’re not loading your dog full of calories or preservatives. Toss in your bag for the dog park or take with you to training. No mess, no fuss, no belly aches. Soon your dog will come to know when they see Liq, it’s time for a reward.

A small dog happily licks a Liq dog treat while being groomed


Nail trims, baths, hair cuts. We know they’re no small feat. Liq keeps your dog happy and distracted. Whether it’s at home or in the shop, Liq is easy to hold while you get the job done. And you can rest easy knowing those precious few minutes will amount to just a few calories. Lookin’ good, pup.

Now who’s a good pet parent?

We’re all about fun, fresh flavors, made from consciously sourced, meat-free ingredients.

Make the most of your moments together. We’re always sharing new tricks on our blog.

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