Macho Knapp Macho Knapp Dogtag Bottle


Bring on the happy.

Treats that entertain, enthuse and engage. Made in small batches, calorie conscious & nothing artificial. Go ahead, enjoy the moment!


Liq Liq

Dog treat

Liq’s all about heartfelt connection. Our patented bottle design is natural to hold, making it easy for your dog to get some licks of love… right from your hand. What’s in the bottle? All-natural ingredients with one of the lowest calorie profiles on the market. 

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Krunch Package

Dog treat

Now you can feed their goofy side. Krunch is a treat designed to captivate with its crispy texture & animated crunch. It’s low in fat and made with ancient grains & gut-healthy root veggies. Permission to feel good about your feel-good moments!

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