Health and Happiness in Mind

Our fun, tasty solution to making sure your dog is healthy and happy is the result of one woman’s dream.

Industry-Disrupting, Healthy Dog Treats From Liq and Krunch

Liq and Krunch Provide Memorable Moments with Your Pet

This year, we at Liq have launched two new industry-disrupting dog treats designed with the health and happiness of pets in mind. With over half the dogs in the U.S. overweight, over-treating can be a large contributor to the health and lifespan of beloved pets. Liq and Krunch dog treats were created with the goal of fueling even more happy and interactive moments between pet parents and their dogs, while addressing this issue. Every dog treat is low in calories and carefully and consciously crafted in small batches, allowing pet parents to give more and worry less.

Our Founder’s Dream

Liq’s founder, Lili, is a lifelong vegetarian who has spent her life dedicated to animal rescue and welfare. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a deep love for animals, and with it came my desire to protect the ones in need,” says Lili. “Almost like a dream, I imagined how nice it would be to be able to invent a healthy liquid dog treat for them that had never been done.”

Liq: Lickable Dog Treat

Liq establishes a heartfelt connection. Our patented bottle design is natural to hold and makes it easy for your dog to get some licks of love right from your hand. It is perfect for training, freshening breath, long grooming sessions or just because your pup is cute. What’s in the bottle? All-natural ingredients with one of the lowest calorie profiles for dog treats on the market. Six licks only have one calorie. It truly puts happiness in your hands.

Krunch: Crunchable Air Crisps

Krunch lets you feed your dog’s goofy side. Krunch is designed to captivate with its crispy texture and animated crunch. Using a unique air-pop technology, this dog treat is low in fat and made with ancient grains and gut-healthy root veggies. With its seriously satisfying crunch, Krunch is a kind of happy you can actually hear.

Creating Special Moments

Pulling from our founder’s cruelty-free philosophy, our meat-free dog treats are perfect for every pet, even those with allergies, protein sensitivities or on special diets. Our dog treats are grounded in the promise of being low in calories and big on flavor, all while creating special moments between you and your dog. Treat with wild abandon! Liq and Krunch give you permission to feel good about your feel-good moments.

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