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Our all-natural treats make for a healthy snack for your dog. Here’s what makes them so good.

All-Natural Ingredients Make for a Healthy Dog Treat

Only the Best Ingredients for Your Best Friend

Our healthy dog treats use only the yummiest and most natural ingredients for your best pal — that’s our guarantee. From healthy fruits and vegetables to natural antioxidants, we’ve got your pet covered.

Our new Liq treat boasts bold, all-natural flavors including:

These custom flavors are crafted in small batches using only quality, natural ingredients that follow FDA human-grade requirements. Real fruit gives these liquid treats a refreshing punch & helps freshen up your dog’s breath too!

Mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract boost flavor in addition to naturally preserving the freshness of our liquid treat! These antioxidants play an important role in keeping oils from going rancid so that LIQ remains a safe and stable dog treat for 2 years.

Our new Krunch dog treat includes flavors like:

Cold formed ancient grains & root veggies are gently heated to form crunchy crisps that are low in fat, but rich in flavor. Our low-heat approach leverages warm air instead of high-heat, high pressure extrusion which helps preserve the nutrients and flavor of our natural ingredients. Want to learn more about these ingredients? Let’s dive in!

Krunch features two healthy root vegetables, cassava and sweet potato, which are naturally high in fiber, gluten-free and a source of resistant starch – all properties that support gut health.

Ancient grains like quinoa and sorghum are also rich in fiber and easily digestible, plus they contain important vitamins and antioxidants.

Canola oil has one of the highest levels of healthy fats compared to other oils. Canola is one of the few plant-based oils that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids in addition to Omega 6 fatty acids, a combination that is proven to support your dog’s skin and coat health.

There are no worries feeding our dog treats to your best friend. The finest ingredients make these all-natural treats a smart choice to keep your pet happy and healthy. Try our flavors today!

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