Learn some new tricks.

Learn some new tricks.

Tips you & you dog will both enjoy.

Liq gives you a fresh, fun way to show your dog some love, and our experts are sharing ways you can make the most of those moments together.

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Pickles Nameplate




Give more. Worry less.

Carefully & consciously crafted in small batches so that you can savor the moment.

A lickable dog treat

New tricks? Just a really good boy? That can mean lots of treats! With Liq, you’re not loading your dog full of calories or preservatives. Toss the bottle in your bag for the dog park or take with you to training. No mess, no fuss, no belly aches.

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Liq Cap Liq Bottle

A crunchable dog treat

Krunch is happiness you can hear. Every low-fat, high-flavor air crisp boasts a lively crunch that will delight you both! This tasty treat is made in small batches with quality ingredients so you can share in some wholesome fun.

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Krunch Package Box

One more.
OK, three more.

Our calorie-conscious treats mean you can drop the guilt and give them what they want. More Liq and more Krunch, please!

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Fetch Some Treats

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